Co-buying, simplified.

Buying a home together is complicated. CoBuy makes it simpler, safer, and more affordable to buy (and own) a home with your closest—start to finish.

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CoBuyers rate us 4.9/5 ⭐

CoBuyer Tori

Torie & Robin

Unmarried Couple • Dad

CoBuy is the reason we just purchased our first home. We highly recommend them. Cheers CoBuy!

CoBuyers Peggy, Terry, and Ray

Peggy, Terry, Ray

Friend • Married Couple

I could not imagine going through this process without CoBuy. CoBuy was instrumental in getting it done.

CoBuyers Christina and Edwina

Edwina, Christina, Jason

Family Members

Now we live in an awesome house and have peace of mind. I highly recommend CoBuy!

CoBuyers Starla and Robert

Starla & Robert

Unmarried Couple • Kids

We didn't know what to expect not being married. It was nice to have help. CoBuy was great!

CoBuyers Kate and Sally

Sally & Kate

Mother • Daughter

Thank you also to @gocobuy for facilitating the process! If you're interested in co-ownership with friends or family, we can't recommend them enough!

CoBuyers Amber and Nate talk about their experience in a video testimonial

Amber & Nate


CoBuy made the process super easy, from beginning to signing the papers to even afterward connecting with the team and celebrating our new home.

CoBuyer Timofei

Maria & Timofei

Unmarried Couple

Being a first-time homebuyer, you don't know where to begin...The process can become even more complex if you are co-buying with someone else. With CoBuy, we felt much more confident.

CoBuyer Rich

Rich & family

Family Members

CoBuy made the process of buying a family home very easy and understandable...much simpler and easier than I expected. We closed quickly and without a hitch, thanks CoBuy!

CoBuyer Genya talks about her experience in a video testimonial

Genya & family

Unmarried Couple • Parents

A big thing for us was making sure that everybody felt secure in their investment. Having a neutral third party was essential for us in this process. I would absolutely recommend CoBuy to folks looking to buy a home together.

CoBuyer Sayeedur and partner



The CoBuy team has been instrumental in helping me with my homeownership and property investment journey. I look forward to more opportunities to work with CoBuy in the future.

Hi, we're CoBuy.

It’s not easy to buy a home with friends, family, or a partner. We know, we’ve been there. So we fixed it.


The modern way to co-buy a home.

Everything you need to design co-ownership. Your way. In one place.

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Seamless Process

We’ve rebuilt the home-buying process from the ground up, specifically for co-buyers. Our time-tested approach streamlines co-buying a home and setting up co-ownership.

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Specialized Guidance

Co-buying involves many moving parts. Planning, financing, purchasing, structuring, and protecting all go hand in hand. We help you cover your bases with confidence.

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Team of Experts

Your full-service team of CoBuy-certified™ Pros works together, for you. Get access to vetted specialists in lending, real estate, law, tax & accounting, and insurance.


Don't wing it. CoBuy.

Bypass guesswork, complications, and stress.

Winging it

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Step-by-step guidance

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Expert facilitation

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Co-ordinated execution team

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Co-ownership planning

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Risk protection

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Exit strategy

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Built by co-buyers, for co-buyers.

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Save Time

9 weeks shorter than the national average.

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Save Money

$25k - $50k less in transacting costs.

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Enjoy Peace of Mind

Defined structure, safeguards, exit strategy.


Your questions, answered.

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How much does it cost to use CoBuy?


That's right. There's no added cost to use CoBuy versus winging it.

We do require CoBuyers to use a CoBuy-certified™ Real Estate Agent. CoBuy gets paid at closing by the buyers' agent, whose commission is included in the price of the home.

This revenue model helps us keep the lights on while we work to make co-ownership simpler, safer, and more affordable.

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Where does CoBuy operate?

We currently serve California, Colorado, Oregon, and Washington.

Interested in co-buying outside of our current coverage area? Get in touch.

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How long does the process take?

We've helped CoBuyers close a new home in under two months. Others have worked through the process over the course of two years—by choice or due to life circumstances.

Timelines depend on your situation, your goals, and the market.

In our experience, CoBuyers who start planning early have a better experience.


Happy CoBuyers

"Now we live in an awesome house and have peace of mind knowing that we’ve covered all our bases and have contingency plans for all the what-ifs that life can throw your way.

I highly recommend CoBuy!"

-Christina, Edwina, Jason

Family Members

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