We make it easier to buy a place together.
Buying a home can be challenging.
The home-buying process is based on archaic systems and is governed by complex regulations. It involves a number of industry professionals in federally-regulated functions including real estate broking, lending, title & escrow, law, and insurance. With so many moving parts, there's a lot to think about.
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Co-buying introduces additional challenges we can solve.

Securing joint financing, choosing the right ownership structure, determining roles and responsibilities, establishing what happens if circumstances change, and protecting against some of the risks are just a few of the considerations unique to a joint purchase.

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A platform built by real estate and finance professionals.

CoBuy is backed by over 35 years of combined real estate and finance experience and a full year of R&D and consultations with industry experts. We've systematically examined the risks associated with co-buying a home, identified and addressed consumer pain points, and worked to solve process workflow inefficiencies. We've dealt with co-buyers past and present, organizations across the residential real estate value chain, and local government. And we've listened.

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Step by step guidance

You value your time, and so do we. Our platform minimizes the time and effort required and helps you navigate the sequence of events. Support is available when you need it.

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Help filling in the blanks

CoBuy helps co-buyers consider important aspects of the target property and the transaction & prompts informed discussion around key decision points.

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A framework for the partnership

An operating agreement between co-buyers is essential. Ironing out answers to important questions about joint ownership and documenting these ahead of time can prevent trouble down the line.

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Introductions to vetted licensed professionals

You want to deal with transparent, best-in-class lenders and real estate agents who have experience with co-buy transactions and aren't trying to sell you. Likewise, the most reputable lenders and real estate agents prefer to deal with prospective buyers who are serious about purchasing and who come prepared. CoBuy helps connect both sides at the right time to everyone's benefit.

Disclaimer: CoBuy, LLC is not a law firm and does not provide legal services or advice.