What is a CoBuy-certified™ Pro?

CoBuy-certified™ Pros are real estate professionals who have experience and training in joint property purchases and co-ownership.

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Loan officers

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Real estate agents

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Title & Escrow Professionals

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Real estate attorneys

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Insurance Professionals

Why should I engage a CoBuy-certified™ Pro?

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Buying a home is a big deal.

A successful real estate transaction demands efficiency, cooperation, and domain expertise. Large sums of money are involved and the margin for error is small.

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Co-buying a home is a bigger deal.

Transactions involving friends, family members, or unmarried couples are by nature more complex than transactions involving an individual or a married couple. Protecting your assets as well as the quality of the relationship is important.

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CoBuy is here to help.

CoBuy-certified™ Pros work collaboratively to simplify your co-buying experience end ensure your social and financial interests are protected for the duration of your co-ownership.

How does CoBuy help simplify and protect the co-buying and ownership experience?

CoBuy guides you through the entire process from start to finish.

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We take you through a series of steps designed to minimize the time and cost.

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We provide you with the right info at just the right time.

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We help you think through the risks and provide tools to address them.

Information is power.

We know that every situation is different and that’s why we built the CoBuy platform: to streamline a complicated process and equip you with the right tools, resources, and access to experienced professionals for a happy, healthy co-ownership experience.

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